Expression of Brca1 in a Group of Iraqi Patients with BreastCancer

Safana Abdul Sattar, Basim M.Khashman, Kawakeb N.Abdulla,

Salim Al-Obaidie, Nawras K. Fadhil.








Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women worldwide. BRCA1 (breast cancer type 1) is a human tumor suppressor gene (2,3). It is found in all humans; it’s a protein, responsible for repairing DNA. Objective: To evaluate the expression of BRCA1 protein in breast cancer and assess associations with histological stages, and grades. Materials and Methods: Seventy cases of breast cancer were subjected to immunohistochemistry for expression of BRCA protein. Results: Out of 70 cases of breast cancer; 46 cases (65.7%) were positive in BRCA1 (over expression). There is significant correlation between the results of IHC staining of BRCA1 with age group.

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